Paul Koonts – New Town Attorney

September 10, 2014

On September 10, 2014, the Village of Alderman named Paul Koonts their new legal counsel. The Alamance Board of Aldermen voted unanimously on Tuesday, and had their offer accepted by Paul on Wednesday.

Click here to read the news article, posted in the Times News.

Attorney Paul Koonts Serves as Gibsonville ABC Board Chairman

Since 2010, Oertel, Koonts & Oertel attorney Paul Koonts has served as Board Chairman for the Gibsonville ABC. Officials from the Alamance Municipal ABC and Gibsonville ABC boards have decided to continue discussions regarding a merger for the two boards.

According to an article in The Times News, members from both boards met with North Carolina ABC Commission Board Auditor and Director of Pricing Laurie Lee and North Carolina ABC Board Commission Auditor Moniqua McLean at the Alamance Municipal ABC Office in Graham to discuss the merger.